art of nature - creations

"...circular, unpredictable, moving and changing. Nature weaves around itself
in an unending breath of life."

-- C. Adams

What you will find here is my own sense of comfort, an absolute ease with the wild, with the rhythms, with texture and the way it entertains color, with time and way it variegates objects.

The materials that I have chosen to work with have in some way enchanted me. The soft edge of a feather, the curve and cradle of an antler, the green pool moss on a white wintered log--each object speaks. And as you will discover, many of the designs carry, as well, a native, organic, almost unsophisticated style.

You will find a variety of designs here, from wreaths to topiaries to antler lamps to eccentric compositions...each design free and wild. Because the disparate materials I use tend to choose one another, nothing is planned but is rather an evolution, as you might find with the few Goddess imagery sculptures: A Womb n's Garden, representing the three stages of a woman’s life (maiden, mother and crone), and Mother Dust, for instance, are not scripted pieces, but organic parts of a process that develops as naturally as the materials I use.

However vast and unfettered my creativity is, then, the ability to marry it with nature seems most appropriate for me. The land beyond my home is more my studio than the disciplined walls I work within. It is out of these doors that I am most comfortable and most alive.

If I offer nothing else, I hope that the pieces I introduce to you aid in fostering a recognition, an awareness and a respect for these diminishing natural surroundings, those I am most at home in, honoring the ease and comfort the wilderness offers us/me.

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