art of nature - creations

Mauli McDonaldSomewhere between the childhood of fascination and the maturity of awareness lies my art.

I remember the beginning. Although I do not remember being handed guide books or any other form of instruction, I knew inside, that outside was a world of information. Whenever I had the chance I'd visit the banks of the brook near my home. Maybe I went there to escape childhood chores, or maybe I went there being forced out because I was "in someone’ s hair," I cannot recall, but the wilderness offered more mystery and more knowledge than I had room for in my childhood mind.

The natural world has since shaped my life--not only as my playground but as an ever yielding source of inspiration and spirituality. Because of this influence I have chosen to live close to Nature. My home is surrounded by acres of woodlands that are still filled with the natural cycles of life. I remain a child in awe of its magic; I am an adult in reverence of its offerings.

Most important to me is what is happening to the Earth: It is difficult to wear blinders against the continuous destruction and over-consumption of our natural resources. The question is, how much do we really need? Our remaining forests are being destroyed for housing and population growth and our wild lands are being devastated in hopes of discovering new energy sources. The wild creatures that we share this great earth with are being forced out of their natural habitats due to our encroachment upon their land and when they show up on our doorsteps they are considered a "nuisance" or a "predator." Where should they go, I ask? I am and we are all responsible for this and we should also be responsible for changing it.

Small changes by many can create enormous outcomes. Not only do I live conservatively and with respect, but my art represents the beauty of and the necessity in the preservation of the very thing that sustains us--this Earth.

"God has cared for these trees, saved them from drought, disease, avalanches and a thousand straining, leveling tempest and floods; but he cannot save them from fools."
- John Muir