antler lamps and chandeliers

Antler Lamps and Chandeliers

"When I pushed beyond her margins,
my Mother used to threaten,
"I'm going to sell you to the Indians"
that was her choice of weapon.
I was never hurt, she knew where I wanted to be,
so I would go to the woods and wait
but they never came for me.
I didn't know then that they were wrongly gone,
for I could smell their distant campfire
and hear their silent song."

Honoring Native American attitudes, we are proud to claim that absolutely none of the animal products we use in the making of the art have been taken for this sole purpose.

That is, each and every lamp is hand crafted/studio-made from naturally shed antlers, which are antlers either collected from farm raised animals or gathered from the forest floor after they have dropped.

Our lamp shades are made from the by product of animals raised for the food industry. We have merely taken what we "carnivores" consider waste and recycled it into art.

We DO NOT under any circumstance support the abuse or killing of animals for sport, for adornments, or for art. As far as for food (and our need for it), it is, of course, as old as man. We cannot fight this fact. But while unfortunately, our society has made it such a convenience to consume carne cuisine, we maintain a respect for and gratitude toward all living creatures.

For our lamp bases, we use antlers from moose, elk, red deer, whitetail deer and mule deer and fallow. Our shades are handmade from professionally tanned buckskin. We also offer birch bark, snakeskin and a variety of other natural materials. Each shade is custom designed to your color choice and decorated with items such as feathers, black bear claws, porcupine quills, antler buttons, arrows and more.

Below you will find a variety of styles from table lamps and floor lamps to chandeliers. Like the shade and base, each lamp as a whole is custom made and therefore can be adapted to your desired antler species, antler size, and lamp height and size.

Retail and wholesale prices available - please call for information.

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  • Floor Lamp 1
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  • Lamp 128v3
  • Fallow Deer Lamp
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