antique art

Antique Art

I am drawn to certain thing simply because I like the object. A singular piece may have no function, but there is something about it that I find appealing.

So with that, I could then say that I believe old discarded objects each harbor a spirit--like the violin that graced the hands of Stradivari. What about something as common as the old mud-crusted fishing creel tossed up in the attic? It’ s filled with fish-scented tales of those silent crisp mornings near streams.

This line of my art is both serious and fun. The designs seem to evolve from either a hobby or desire to a sweet memory of something past.

I have custom designed everything from cowboy themes (complete with boots, lariat, saddle and chaps) to a memorial holding the helmet, coat, rubber boots and hose of a fireman. I have worked with saxophones, euphoniums, cellos and trombones. I have designed with objects of antiquity--48-star flags, muskets, wooden shaft golf clubs and old Sunday bags, Lionel trains and Scottish themes. Each design evokes the aged spirit of the object incorporated.

Retail and wholesale prices available - please call for information.

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  • Violin Art
  • Fishing Basket Art
  • Firshing Basket Art Close
  • Fairway Flex
  • Rainbow Rise
  • Snowshoe Art 1
  • Snowshoe Art 2
  • Botanical Ballad
  • Captain Swing